Our Services

1. Project Evaluation and Feasibility Study
2. Design and Supervision of MEP Building Services.
3. Design and Supervision of MEP Infrastructure Services.

4. Design and Supervision for Food Services Industry including HACCP Implementation.
5. Consultancy for LEED accreditation of buildings.
6. Consultancy for Green Buildings and Energy Audits.
7. Design Review of engineering packages.
8. Value Engineering Studies.


ΗΜΕ Hilarion takes pride in focusing on four key objectives to be achieved for all projects:
  • Meet the Client’s Requirements
  • Attention-to-Detail
  • Cost and Energy Efficient Design
  • Close-to-site

In many instances the M&E Design for a given project can take different shapes and forms. A good quality design is the one that meets the Client requirements in delivering the correct product for the intended use.

ΗΜΕ Hilarion will produce for every project a Design Brief, a document that advises the Client as well as the Professional team, in simple terms, of the following:

  • The design criteria to be followed, such as temperatures, humidity levels, lighting levels, noise levels, fresh air rates etc.
  • Explain the M&E concept by briefly describing the systems proposed.
  • Explain different options that may be available together with advantages/disadvantages and cost implications.
  • Give recommendations.
  • Provide concept drawings/sketches.
The Design Brief will receive feed back from various parties and will help ensure that the Client does not get an over-designed job or a job that doesn’t quite meet the expectations or more importantly one that has omissions. The Client is aware of the end result before the detailed design is carried out and naturally, before the installation is completed. Similarly the M&E Consultant is confident that he is delivering the required service.

The M&E Consultant represents the Client on a technical level; consequently the M&E Consultant has to be able to see through the Client’s eyes.

There are instances where M&E Consultants produce design drawings that are fairly vague and inexact, the end product may have little relevance to the initial design. When this happens it only means one thing; the Client pays more. Moreover, the Architect gets frustrated during construction and the Contractor gets the blame as he tries to complete the M&E Consultant’s job. The difference between a first-class M&E design and an average one is Attention-to Detail.

ΗΜΕ Hilarion prides itself in ensuring that all M&E designs are coordinated, all equipment shown will be of the actual size and design drawings are drawn “to-scale” including sections, double line ductwork drawings and/or multi-service drawings for congested areas.

The Contractor’s job is then to produce shop drawings without the headache of how to coordinate plant and equipment in plantrooms or how to fit services in the false ceiling voids.
Energy efficient design means a cost efficient one too. Cost efficiency requires a spherical approach by taking into account the following:
  • Initial cost
  • End use
  • Running costMaintenance cost
  • Environmental factors
  • Political correctness
M&E design is applied engineering and as with all engineering applications it requires continuous updating with respect to technological developments, new products in the market, and publications from professional institutions, whilst maintaining the practical approach required in this field. The key to cost and energy efficiency designs are awareness, practical experience and common sense.

ΗΜΕ Hilarion invests time and funds in order to ensure a continuum in the development of its technical staff whether in the engineering field or the computer aided design. The beneficiary of this strategy is undoubtedly the Client and enables the Practice to offer valuable cost and energy efficient solutions.
It is outrageous when a Client invests a considerable capital in a project for it to be spoiled by either bad workmanship or lack of ability from the Contractor. In the M&E field, it is the Consultant’s responsibility to ensure that the Client’s investment is protected, by implementing a rigorous supervision regime.

The Contractor is part of the overall project team with the task of converting the M&E design from paper to reality. However he is also aiming to maximise his profit. The M&E Consultant has the skilled task of ensuring the installation complies with the Specification and achieves acceptable workmanship standards, whilst being practical and reasonable where necessary. Inadequate supervision can wipe out the benefits of a good design and may cost the Client money, whether in variations or in corrective maintenance.

ΗΜΕ Hilarion is dedicated to staying close-to-site on every project and through the expertise of its senior staff will always deliver a first-class product commensurate with the high standards of achievement within the Practice.


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