Career at HME means to learn and grow continuously, opportunity to handle clients across the world. We offer challenging assignments, professional working environment, HRD driven management and assure opportunities to train and learn along with exceptional rewards. At HME we are driven by values in whatever we do.

If the following statements describe you in some way …

  • You are excited about building an organization and not just a job

  • You like to play an important role in a growing company where you are provided with new opportunities frequently

  • You uphold definite values and therefore identify with an organization's core values…that are non-negotiable in all circumstances

  • You believe that creating and converting opportunities are always more important than plain conformance to a norm
Factors that set HME apart :

  • Customer intimacy promoted at all levels. Almost every professional is involved in a client-facing process.

  • An experienced management team ensures that barriers of all kind are kept low to promote an open culture.

  • Together we build the organization and together we share in the profits. Each person can and knows that she/he can make a difference.

  • Integrity is upheld in all our transactions and in all relationships.

  • A strong learning environment is fostered.
Some characteristics that we value in people:
  • Honesty
  • Creativity.
  • Hard Work
  • Loyalty
  • Long-term career commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Proactive outlook

Being a dynamic, upcoming company, we are constantly in pursuit of talented people who can be a part of our endeavour and dream, not to just become big but also to be an inspiration to others.

If you are self motivated, talented, energetic, looking for more than just a job, you can mail your resume to us.

send your resume to or use our form to submit your resume

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